The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has jurisdiction over Lake Harmony and regularly patrols on the lake.  All boaters must comply with applicable state boating rules and regulations, a summary of which can be found on the Commission’s website at the following URL:

Compliance with all directional, hazard and warning signs and buoys is required.  Please note that for the safety of all, certain portions of the lake are marked as “no wake” areas.

Lake Harmony is a COUNTER-CLOCKWISE lake.  Please ensure that you are moving in the proper direction as you travel on the lake.

Watch your Wake   Keeping the lake water clear and clean is everyone’s responsibility.   Prop wash and big wakes erode the shore line and stir up the lake bottom sediments.  High horsepower, big displacement wake boats operating close to the shore and jet ski acrobatics are major contributors to murky water conditions.   Have fun but be mindful of others and respectful of our lake.

Wash your Watercraft!  There is a risk of contaminating the lake with freshwater mollusk called Zebra Mussels.  They have been spreading rapidly in the Great Lakes and inland waterways.  Zebra mussels can cause major decreases in fish population and colonize on surfaces such as docks and boat hulls.  Since they can survive several days out of water (up to two weeks), we ask that you thoroughly clean your boats, PWCs, trailers and equipment before moving them from a possibly infested lake to another waterway.  We must do all that we can to prevent this predator from starting colonies in Lake Harmony.

Marina Boat Launch: The boat launch area is secured by a lock on an access gate.  For those that have not yet applied for a LHA Marina Key and are interested in doing so, please call Pete Ginopolas at (570) 688-6644.

Lake Harmony Group

The Lake Harmony Group ("LHG") is the entity that owns the paper streets that run from North and South Lake Drives, the access areas at the base of these roads, and the majority of the lake bed. LHG provides security on the lake during the summer and manages two important programs:  the Sticker Program and the Slip Program.  
Pursuant to the Sticker Program, residents and tenants will be required to obtain and display Lake Harmony stickers on all motorized boats and watercraft operating on the lake. For 2019 the sticker fees will be as follows:  for residents, $60.00; for tenants, $100.00.   In addition, all non-motorized boats (kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats) that are stored on LHG access areas will be required to obtain a permanent sticker, at a minimal cost of $5.00.   

To fill out your sticker application and pay for stickers or slip-leases, please visit  the  following link:

Under the Slip Program, LHA & LHE homeowners may apply to license boat slips on the access areas.  Homeowners who were granted slips last year, complied with the LHG's Rules, and paid the required slip fees, have received or will be receiving renewal letters shortly.  For homeowners who have not previously been granted slips, the LHG maintains two waiting lists, one for owners on North Lake Drive and one for owners on South Lake Drive.  To request a LHG slip, please go to the Lake Harmony Group page to fill out a waiting list application:

Access Areas: Lake Harmony Group oversees the use and maintenance of the access areas and operates the Slip Program.  

For more information about stickers, security or the access areas, please visit the Lake Harmony Group's webpage at


Lake Harmony Association -- P. O. Box 279 -- Lake Harmony, PA 18624 --